Terra Preta Lost Cities works to subvert the growing influence of algorithmic inference in every aspect of human existence. TPLC rejects the notion that human life is enriched through inferences made by emerging ambient intelligence technologies. 

Algorithmic inference and ambient intelligence technologies are increasingly configuring human life by "tailoring its conditions of possibility." (John Cheney-Lippold, "A New Algorithmic Identity", Theory, Culture, and Society, Vol. 28 (6), 169)

These algorithms have affected all aspects of society, including, but not limited to, social interactions, mating rituals, education, and entertainment. Shows like "House of Cards" are no different than the way Facebook's news feed algorithm shows you things based on what you've already liked, not based on what you might never have seen but would be interesting to you. Such algorithms will/do dominate both the creation of content, as well as the way in which it is recommended and delivered to users. It will no longer be limited to social media feeds and TV shows, but rather, will shape the daily fabric of our lives, including transportation, travel, friendship, sex, and education. 

Terra Preta, literally, "black earth" or "black land" in Portuguese, is a type of dark, fertile soil found in the Amazon Basin. The Terra Preta organization believes that content that sits deep down at the bottom of the pile, things with few "likes", "mentions," "re-blogs," etc., can prove to be fertile ground for meaningful experiences, innovation, and new ideas. It is the goal of the organization to create tools for the revelation and mixing of such content to prompt new lines of inquiry and discourse among members of society.